For a Successful Cataract Surgery

Focus on quality

All our hydrophilic posterior chamber IOL of AIVILENS series are designed with an aspherical optic and a 360° sharp edge. Blue light filter is also available with all the IOL.

The hydrophobic OCUMED IOL has a very smooth surface and can be implanted easily.  The Ocumed-IOL is availiable as spherical and aspherical optics.

The  VISCOJECT™easy-system enables you to implant the IOL without complications.

Pre-loaded Capsular Tension Rings in different sizes and shapes.

For Iris Dilation you can choose the innovative OASIS Iris Expander oder a classical Iris retractor

Viscoelastics:  High class native AVISC hyaluronates made from rooster combs or the highly purified HPMC Medio-Clear

Suitable Injectors and shooters for single or multiple-use are available.

You can find further euipment for cataract surgery here.