Repair-Service ISO-Certified

When repairing complex surgical devicesand their accessories, precision and quality are our top priority -for your safety and that of your patients. We are fully aware of our responsibility in this respect. With our ISO certified repair service we not only comply with the highest standards, but also keep your budget in mind.

We repair:

  1. Phacohandpiece
  2. Harmonic Scalpel
  3. Cryo-probes
  4. Endoscope / -cameras


It is this easy

rep_1Ship your faulty device to AIVIMED, hand it over to a service technician, or simply call our service telephone number.

rep_2After a thorough examination of all of the fundtions and an Analysis of defects(s), you will receive a non-binding cost estimate by the fastest means.

rep_3Then you decide wheter the repair is to be conducted or not.

rep_4Upon receiving your order for a repair, our carefully trained experts will perform a professional repair or maintenance Job, as needed.

rep_5The device is returned to you

form_rep_de_kleinForm for a non-binding estimate

You can also send us directly your defective device.

Please download the form

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